Non-Binary | 17 | Artist/Programmer

■ Hi! I'm Zacc-Online! But you can call me Zacc, it would be better if you call me Zacc instead actually... I'm a COOL Blue person who likes to draw lots of things from characters, indie games and etc! I like to play and make games, currently my favorite games are Cave Story, Kero Blaster, OneShot, and many others! I'm also PRETTY ffunny.... I also really love rice, cats, and japanese culture too!

■ My birthday is on November 27! Soopa cool and awesome!

■ I made this site as I have ditched most of my social medias, but I still wanted a place to showcase my stuff, from art to games to maybe music. Stick around if you like that kinda stuff! That's about it, please enjoy your stay!

■ Some of my favorite games are Cave Story, OneShot, Kero Blaster, Super Mario Odyssy, Castle Crashers, and many others!

■ My favorite characters are Quote from Cave Story.... that's it. He's pretty friggin cute.

■ Some of my inspirations are Studio Pixel, inabakumori, Studio Ghiblii and some of my friends! Thanks guys :]